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5 Reasons Frog Lures are best for Catching Bass

Fishing is one of the most exciting outdoor activities. Fishing for bass is something that everyone who’s in love with this sport should try. In this article, we’re going through several tips that will help you catch it with the help of frog bait. Read on to see why.

1. The weather plays a role

Bass loves to hunt when the weather is dark and cloudy. When the sun comes out, they are more tend to hide in the depths and wait for food to approach them. Of course, every experienced fisherman has a solution in every case, and the frog bait plays a great role in both weather conditions.

If you use fish bait, they are only active in the water. The frogs, on the other hand, can be used inside and outside. These animals feel comfortable when they are above water, and when they are swimming deeper to find food for themselves.

The bass knows that frigs can be found anywhere. The only thing you need to mind is the type of materials. If you use a shiny metal when it is sunny, this might scare the fish away. Have this in mind. Check out this link to learn some tips and trick of bass fishing.

2. Bass’s natural environment is the same as frogs

Bass loves to hang around places that are filled with things that they see as cover if an emergency strikes. That means they are active around grass, wood, and even the boats that are placed around docks are great protection for them.

We all know that frogs feel pretty much the same. They are most likely to be found around high grass growing in the water. Bass will know that this is a usual scenery and won’t suspect anything. When they realize they snatched the bait and not the real deal, it’s going to be too late.

3. You can manipulate the bait

Although buying frogs as bait is something that most fishermen take for granted, you should know that this can be done much better. The already prepared bait can be modified. You can manipulate it to get more action from it.

What does this mean? You can take the bait and add or take parts out of it. For example, you can rip one leg off and see how this helps the movement in the water. Your frog will start bouncing off making the fish more interested and aggressive.

Also, depending on the weather, you can repaint it. If there’s too much sun, you can paint them in darker colors so that it isn’t too flashy. There are lots of ideas, and you should let your creativity go when doing it. Take a look at and see what you can do with some of these already prepared baits.

4. Near-miss means job almost done

Some fish will abandon their mission when trying to get food, but not the bass. When you see that you almost missed having a catch, you shouldn’t worry that this fish is going to abandon and your game is lost. Be sure that they’ll come back for another bite.

If you’re offering them a frog that looks delicious, they’ll know that they have another chance. Better said, you have another chance to catch them because your piece is not going to be wasted after one shot. All you need to do is be patient and consistent. Time is on your side.

5. Frogs are versatile

When you’re fishing with simple bait like a smaller fish, you don’t have too many options. It goes in one direction and doesn’t offer too much excitement for your prey. However, the frogs are way more versatile and they are going to act alive when you through them out there.

They move in various directions, jump up and down, and are a much better bait than anything else. Of course, you shouldn’t try and do something spectacular, this isn’t the circus after all, but the fishes love things that are a challenge rather than something going in one direction and doing nothing.


If you were hesitating, now you know why getting this kind of fishing equipment is crucial for you. Feel free to experiment, of course, but in the end, you’ll realize that this is the best option for you. Learn more about the bass on this link:

When you’re in the store looking for baits, have this article in mind. Moreover, don’t even go to the store. With the Covid-19 crisis, it’s better to shop online.

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