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7 Useful Tips for Planning Your Dream Vacation

2021 is just around the corner, and after the past year we’ve all just had with a worldwide pandemic, many of us are itching to travel — even if it’s within our own country.

If planning your dream vacation seems like an overwhelming task, this is understandable. It’s been a while since anyone planned a vacation of any kind! If you’re looking for a little help, advice, or a much-needed refresher on how to plan the ultimate getaway, this blog is for you.

A Refresher on How to Plan Your Dream Vacation for 2021

Not only is taking a vacation in a new and undiscovered destination thrilling, but it can do so much for your health.

Taking time off from your everyday life, while changing up the pace and scenery can really overhaul your mental, physical, emotional wellbeing. Think of it as a total, holistic reset.

Whether you aim to plan an international getaway or a family vacation at your usual Disney Vacation Club, there are plenty of benefits either way. Learn more about a DVC transfer if you want to explore other local destinations on U.S. soil.

Here’s how to get planning:

  1. Figure Out the Type of Vacation You Want to Have

By deciding on whether you want a vacation packed with adventure and outdoor pursuits, or something a little more relaxed, this will help you choose the best region for your getaway. Avoid overwhelming yourself by deciding on an exact destination right away — just think about the environment and region you’d prefer. Are you craving some time in the mountains, at the beach, or an exciting city break?

Next, you’ll need to research that particular region and decide on the right time of year to visit. The weather plays a big role in the type of activities you want to do and the type of holiday you’re after. If you want to avoid crowds of people, think about visiting during the region’s shoulder or offseason.

  1. Decide on a Specific Destination

Once you have your general region pinned down and your ideal type of vacation in mind, you’ll need to make a decision on your final destination. Consider the atmosphere of vacation spots in a particular region, do some research on local activities, and accommodation options.

You’ll need to think about everyone you’re traveling with too, especially if you plan on traveling with children. Consider the types of activities and accommodation options that will suit families.

  1. Determine the Length of Your Stay

Most people tend to assume that a longer, extended vacation is better. But in some cases, this is not always true. It’s important to find that sweet spot when it comes to the length of your stay — not too long, but not too short, either.

In order to make this decision, the people you’re traveling with (i.e. children, parents, or friends), your budget, and accommodation availability will be major deciding factors.

Bear in mind that a vacation that is stretched out too long can become stressful if you have to stick to a budget, or have children to entertain. Eventually, your nerves could begin to fray, and this is the opposite of what a vacation should be!

Plan enough time to enjoy the activities you want to do, relax and return home feeling refreshed.

  1. Don’t Skimp on Accommodation Research

There are generally two schools of thought around vacation accommodation. Some people don’t make a fuss about where they stay because they don’t intend to stay in their room or on the premises during their vacation. Other people want to be as comfortable as possible because they don’t really want to leave the hotel. Each to their own, really.

Nevertheless, it’s still important to do your research on the best accommodation options to suit your budget, the length of your stay, and whether they have the right amenities for your needs.

Remember to be a little bit flexible and judicious in your search for accommodation. There are plenty of options today on popular sites such as Airbnb;; Agoda;; HostelWorld; and HostelBookers.

  1. Draw up a Rough Itinerary

Now, this is not to say you should plan out every aspect or moment of your vacation. But it is a good idea to plan a basic itinerary of your stay so you can get a feel for the type of activities you want to do, and then budget realistically.

The main reason for vacation planning is so that you ensure you get the most out of your vacation. You want to be sure that you can fit in all the must-do and must-see things on your list — because what else is the point of a vacation? Also, this is a good way to plan out your budget and assess what you can and cannot afford.

  1. Tick off Important Practical Tasks

Before you jet off on a memorable vacation, there are a few basic tasks you will need to take care of first. If you’re a pet owner, you’ll need to make arrangements so that they are fed and walked while you’re gone. If you have plants that need watering, you’ll need to ask a friend or family member to take over this task.

Then there are other practical items such as filling prescriptions and packing medication, informing your credit card provider of international travel, and shopping for special travel items or clothing.

  1. Build a Conscious, Detailed Budget

This is probably one of the most important aspects of planning a dream vacation. It’s crucial that you plan out your travel budget in as much detail as possible. This way, you’re not met with mountains of debt on your return home or having to scrounge for money while you’re on holiday.

The main aspects to budget for include flights, accommodation, vacation activities, food, and drink (if it’s not part of your vacation package), and shopping money. But don’t forget about unexpected expenses such as visas (if necessary), immunization shots, overweight baggage, and travel medications.

Ideally, you want to save a bit of money before you travel, too. A good way to do this is by opening up a sub-saving account and stashing away some funds for at least 6-months before your vacation.

Another option is to automate your finances. When you receive your salary, set an automatic debit order into your sub-savings account, so you’re saving money without having to think about it.

Find Unbeatable Vacation Inspiration

The truth is, planning a dream vacation takes a fair bit of time and research. But by putting in the effort beforehand, you can be sure your vacation will be one for the memory books!

If you’re in need of vacation inspiration, don’t miss out on the rest of this site. We offer a range of travel tips, articles, destination guides, and so much more — so be sure to explore for more and start your planning today!

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