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Granada is known for providing diverse and sumptuous delicacies. The history of the place has enabled the availability of these different dishes worth a try for anybody. First of all, the many ingredients together with the fruits and vegetables found in the city are used in the preparation of the dishes. This article will list some of the foods that you have to try whenever you’re in Granada ranging from desserts to seafood.

  1. Tapas in Granada. 

Interestingly, tapas is offered freely in Granada whenever you order any drink in a restaurant. This seems to be the easiest and pocket-friendly way to test one of the best dishes in Granada. The tapas offered is often sweet and entices each individual. Furthermore, the free tapas offered becomes delicious when you add another drink on top. However, the tapas is determined by the type of drink you order, they range from a simple dish like cheese to rice dishes. In case the free tapas doesn’t suit your hunger, you can opt for other portions such as the famous Raciones, and Media raciones.

  1. Lambie Souse.

One of the most interesting plates of seafood in Granada. Lambie Souse is often the most consumed seafood by the locals. The first name (Lambie) suggests the top ingredient used in the preparation of the dish. Lambie is cooked with hot pepper, lime juice, garlic, and onions to form one hell of a soup. The dish is rich in proteins and thus the best you should try.

  1. Nutmeg Ice cream.

Nutmeg is a special ingredient that Granada produces in plenty. The city is also known for being one of the best exporters of Nutmeg in the whole worth. The aromatic ingredient is grounded and mixed with thick cream to come up with delicious ice cream. You’ll definitely love the ice cream since it is not the ordinary ice cream you’re used to.

  1. Pelau.

A dish that entails rice mixed together with chicken. Once served with pelau, you will fall in love with just how it looks on the plate. Other added ingredients to the dish are carrots, coconut milk, celery, cooked beans and also sweet peppers. A dish worth a try especially when you are from touring the monuments or you’re from viewing the landscapes Granada has to offer. You should try this dish and have a taste of your lifetime.

  1. Cocoa Tea. 

This is a type of tea that you can’t afford to miss. Cocoa balls are used to prepare this kind of tea. The cocoa balls are made from cocoa, cinnamon, bay leaf, and thyme. Furthermore, apart from the preparation of tea, this can be used as a dessert which is quite sumptuous. The tea is made using these cocoa balls, sugar, milk and water to give it a thick and soothing creamy look. You can find this type of tea in all restaurants across Granada

These are some of the best must-try dishes in Granada. There are many other dishes left out in this article, but you should make the listed above in your bucket list.

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