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Four Benefits of a Business Trip to Bellevue

Business travel may be stressful, but it’s an opportunity to explore new places, people, and business ventures including this meeting venue northern ireland. While traveling to Bellevue, Washington for business isn’t for everyone, it still has plenty of benefits. If you have the option of traveling to the lovely Washington city for work, but you’re worried about the stress business travel brings, read this primer first. Here are the four biggest advantages to business travel.

Experiencing a New Place

Over half of business travelers make time for side trips on their business trips. If work can possibly take you to Bellevue, make a point to check out the Bellevue Arts Museum or do a little sightseeing along the Coal Creek Falls Trail. If you end up loving the city but don’t have enough time to explore, your business trip can provide you with ideas and inspiration for future vacations. Maybe you want to spend more time in Bellevue or Seattle. Traveling for business can provide you with an opportunity to explore places that you never would’ve visited before.

To make your business trip a smoother experience, use mobile apps to your advantage. TripIt can take the guessing and stress out of business travel. Use OpenTableto book a restaurant reservation and Uber or Lyft to get around your destination. Don’t forget to sign up for TSA Pre-Check to save yourself time in the TSA line.

Arguably the most important part of any travel is where you’re staying. For work trips to Bellevue, one of the most popular locations isthe Hyatt House Seattle/Bellevue. It’s close to attractions like The Bellevue Collection, but also located near the tech hub around the Microsoft headquarters. The hotel has spacious accommodations to make your room feel like a home away from home. It has good perks for work travel, like free internet, a 24/7 fitness center, meeting services, and some in-house fitness options.

Meeting New People

One of the biggest advantages of business travel is the people that you’ll meet along the way. You really never know where or when you can build your professional network across the nation and the world. Flight delays, layovers, and long flights can become prime networking events if you have high social intelligence.

Once you touch down in Bellevue, meeting potential clients and colleagues that you may have spoken to over the phone or via e-mail can provide the foundation to a strong working relationship. Business travel allows you to learn about new cultures, as you make time for colleagues and customers.

Taking a Mental Break

Another great thing about business travel is that you can take a break from everything in your life. Business travel gives you the opportunity to break away from the office, your family, and your personal relationships. This gives you the chance to have a fresh perspective on things.

Sometimes you need the mental and physical space to focus on yourself. While your business travel places you in front of your customers, you can reserve one night out of each trip to take some time for yourself.

Earn Travel Rewards

Many business travelers use frequent flyer programs and hotel loyalty points offered by major airlines and hotel chains that offer points every time they travel. You’ll receive a monthly online statement that shows the points you earned as well as the available balance. How much each traveler will benefit from these programs depends on their level and the type of points they spend with the company.

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why business travelers like time away from the office. It’s one of the easiest ways to rack up frequent flyer and hotel loyalty points. These points can go towards future vacations or travel.

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