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Unique Museums You Could Find in US

Whenever the word museum is mentioned, many people instantly think of an old building full of all kinds of art objects and historical artifacts. However, not all museums are just about arts as there are several museums whose contents everyone will find really interesting. This piece is going to focus on the unique museums that can be found in the United States.

SPAM Museum

Located in Austin, Minnesota, this special and weird museum is a place where all about the famous meat cube brand is collected. For Spam fans who want to have guided tours and get authentic information on the history of the brand, this is the place to be. Fortunately, admission for single adults is free and it is best on weekends.

National Mustard Museum

Who could have imagined that there is a museum for mustard? For those who want to know practically everything about this amazing condiment, all they need to do is visit Middleton, Wisconsin and check their collections of more than 6,000 mustards from every corner of the globe. It also has an outlet where visitors can buy hundreds of mustards for their own personal use. The best word to use in describing this place is spectacular.

National Museum of Mathematics

Yes, there is actually a museum for mathematics in New York City and even if you are not a mathematician or lover of numbers, it is a place you will find quite interesting. With its multimedia presentations, elaborate puzzles and endless math quizzes, the museum truly brings mathematics to life.

St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum

If you are one of those who are deeply enchanted by everything related to pirates and the hunt for treasure, then you need to head to the city of St. Augustine in Florida. In this city, there is a museum that is so vast that it has the largest collection of pirate treasures, artifacts and other items anywhere in the world.

New England Maple Museum

This definitely has to be in the list of unique museums in the United States. Located in Pittsford, Vermont, the museum is truly all about maple syrup. Visitors get to learn all they wish to know about the history, facts, production and other details about this wonderful liquid. For those who also wish to get maple-themed gift items and souvenirs, the museum has a shop where these products can be purchased.

International Spy Museum

If you are interested in all the spooky stories concerning spies and you want to really know more about all the legendary exploits in the art of spying, then you need to head to Washington DC. At the International Spy Museum, you will get first-hand on how spies are able to pull off their amazing stunts. Visitors will also be able to see the genuine instruments used by spies, they can even try their hands on them while also enjoying the interactive exhibitions. For lovers of everything espionage, the time has come to have a real-life experience of what it is to be a spy – schedule your visit to the International Spy Museum.

Myrtle Beach Pinball Museum

Pinball is as American as baseball and apple pie. For lovers of pinball games, it is very exciting to know that there is actually an entire museum that is dedicated to pinball. Located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Myrtle Beach Museum is one place you can get to play arcade games of the past. It’s the perfect day for fun with the family and to bring back some old nostalgia. As long as you are able to get inside, you can play without the need for tokens or coins.

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