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Without Exvisa, your identity is at risk

Passports are an easy and popular target for identity thieves. Whether you have stolen your passport or lost it, replacing it not only costly, but it is time-consuming too. You have to go through the same long, hectic, and tiring process as you as to when you got your original one, but with additional extra fees. With every new application for passport loss the additional fee increases.

The only option you have is to keep your passport well enough to deter a thief, but not this much secure that you also forget where you put it. When you are traveling, the safe and secure place for your passport is on your person. Unfortunately, there is no option for traveling internationally without your passport except one; you need to be Queen Elizabeth II, in only that condition you can travel without a passport or wait for Exvisa.

Yes, Exvisa is the latest technology that is going to be the ultimate option for traveling around the globe. Exvisa is a revolutionary step taken by an enthusiastic, technology lover, and self-made person Tolga Akcay. He is a Turkish-German entrepreneur who has achieved everything in his life on his own. He is a self-made person with so much positivity inside him that he wants to use for the betterment of people of the world.

The concept of Exvisa in the remolding of visa and passport documents into digital visa and passport. This transformation of travel documents into an online visa and passport will completely change the traditional affairs of immigration, emigration, and relocation. Tolga Akcay was working for a very long time to redefine travel and boundaries. As CEO of, Mr. Tolga has taken all the necessary steps to keep it secure and protected against any kind of hacking issues.

Exvisa is an amazing initiative to control any illegal immigration by using fake travel documentation. Exvisa is an additional preventing layer to the international security that improves border security of states, regions, and even countries. Exvisa assures the protection of sensitive data and information of every individual via using blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is basically decentralization of information and it is also commonly called hacker-proof. To reassure the secrecy of all the information the whole data will cryptonized before entering into any blockchain. This additional security measure will  provide 100% guaranteed secured data availability to the concern authorities. Any country, state, or company will get limited access to the data of any individual and they will use this data to make targeted selections based on the skills, qualifications, and capabilities of that individual.

Exvisa is simply going to change all the traditional traveling needs into a blockchain visa and passport, but until now you have to be so careful about your paper travel documents. Select secure options like a zippered front trouser or around the neck pouch to keep it safe. Never cram it into back pockets and keep it in a zip-top plastic bag to protect it from humid climate, torrential downpours, and sweaty pockets.

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