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Hawaii, the perfect tourist destination to visit next

Hawaii is situated in the Pacific Ocean west of California. This is the only state which is surrounded entirely by water. There are six main islands in Hawaii which are the big island, Kauai, Maui, Oahu, Lanai, and Molokai. There are many more things Hawaii than the high – rise hotel in the glorious Waikiki beach. Not only is a parade of top – rise hotels, but there also rental homes in Hawaii.  From the snow-capped volcano to lava – rock deserts to rainforests, there are much more in Hawaii. Black – sand beaches, cascading waterfalls and the rugged canyons making Hawaii the perfect place to travel to experience great relaxation and exciting adventure.


Things one should probably not miss while traveling in Hawaii

Here, we have not mentioned about the entire place, but we have highlighted some of the things that you must do or visit in Hawaii.


•    Do not miss a horseback or carriage ride into the Waipio Valley of the Big Island – which is an ancient gorge sacred to Hawaiians. The original Polynesian settlers who came here more than a thousand years ago cultivated taro, and so the people still grow taro here.

•    You should ring the big bell in the temple at Stunning Byodo of Oahu. This is a replica of a 900 – year – old building is Uji which is in Japan.

•    When in Hawaii, you should snorkel to witness the lifetime experience of seeing the bright corals, sea turtles and also tropical fish.

•    There are many beaches. So, you should take sunbathe on one of them that dot 750 miles of coastline.

•    If you are visiting Hawaii at the time of humpback migration season that is in December to April, then you should go whale – watching.

•    If you are planning to visit Hawaii in May, they can see some of the best hula dancers in this state. As at this time there is a three – day Molokai Ka Hula Piko festival in rural Molokai in Hawaii.


What is the best time to make a plan to travel to Hawaii?

Well, confused about the time to visit Hawaii! So, here is the answer to clear all your confusions.

Though Hawaii is in tropics, due to the trade winds that are blowing from the east, the climate is more relaxed and drier. Throughout the year consistently the temperature is warm but it is quite comfortable.  So, if you are planning to go to Hawaii between May and October, then there will be dry season in Hawaii, and if you are visiting between November and April, then there will be the rainy season. And if you were planning to travel to Hawaii in winter months then we will advise you to bring rain gear with you.


Hawaii is one of the best holiday destinations which has a rich and complex identity. And the generous spirit of Aloha is making such visitors who would love to come again here. This is an exotic American island to spend your holiday with your family, your friends and with your loved ones too.


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