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A once in a lifetime experience in Myanmar

For many people Myanmar is a place on the top of their bucket list when it comes to travelling. When hearing about Myanmar a lot would say that is a boring place because it is surrounded by temples and ancient pagodas which are now the UNESCO territory, but fortunately, this is not just it. The magic of Myanmar can be seen in the amazing views of it which have over 20 floating balloons in the air at the same time.

As it was said before, there exist a lot of magical stories made there with the hot air balloons and the experiences of people who had been there. Over 20 years ago, the first Myanmar air balloon was flying and since then, it became a symbol of the city. A lot of travellers come here to feel this experience of flying over all these ancient temples and see the most wonderful landscapes from all the time.

Usually, this kind of trips start in October and end in the middle of March-start of April because the cold air in the morning makes the balloon able to fly closer to the city in order to have a detailed image of it. As the journey starts usually early in the morning, the balloon services do not include only the flying. The staff is coming to take everyone from the accommodation or from a chosen spot with some mini buses and take them to the land where the flight will start. There starts a short training when the pilot explains to the group of tourists what are the rules they need to follow in order to keep the balloon safe in the air. After the journey starts and the basket starts to rise up in the air, the view becomes breathtaking and the photos that can be done are amazing.

For sure after having this unique experience of flying with a balloon, you certainly will wish to see every single sunrise up from the sky and capture the light of it in your photos forever.

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