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What You Will See on a Danube River Cruise

Would you like to have a lifetime experience as you explore the major European countries? Cruising on the Danube River should top the list of your priorities. From magnificent sights to beautiful cities, there are a plethora of views you will see along the way. Besides this, there are a myriad of activities that you can engage in, whether you are traveling as a group or as an individual.

Here, most cruises usually allow voyagers to visit some of the most exciting European cities for a day or two. While onboard, be sure that you will enjoy some of the modern amenities that you can find in any other cruise ship out there. All these features make the Danube River cruises worth the money. Here is what you can expect to see on this cruise.

Chain Bridge in Budapest

Also known as the Paris of the East, this is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Typically this is the capital city of Hungary. It is one of the cities you will come across as you cruise the Danube River.

Unlike other cities, this one is known to have multiple UNESCO world heritage sites. From the Budapest Opera house to the palaces and museums of Castle Hill, there is a lot to see in this city. Besides this, you will see a number of landmarks that you can explore with friends.

Stift Melk in Melk, Austria

As you carry on with your expedition of the Austrian landscape, you will come across a wine-growing region known as Stift Melk. This region is located on top of a hill where everyone can see it from a distance.

From its walls, you will be able to see the fields of Wachau, which is essentially a valley that has many vineyards. Unlike other vineyards, these ones are known for producing some of the finest white wines in Europe. If you like taking wine, you can take some once you dock at this town.

Medieval-City of Regensburg

As you cruise on the Danube River, you will have a chance to see the Medieval-City of Regensburg. Unlike other cities in Europe, this one is filled with plenty of drinks and foods that will mesmerize you. You will also get an opportunity to get entertained and have fun.

Besides this, the city is a blend of Roman, Gothic, and Romanesque-style architecture. If you take a walk through the Old City, you will have a scenic view through the past churches all the way to the authentic town squares. In case you have time, you can take a tour of the local breweries and have a rare taste of what makes Regensburg unique.

The Lennon Wall In Prague

If you are a lover of architecture, be sure that you will be mesmerized by the unique structures around the city of Prague. During your cruise on the Danube River, you will be able to see two admirable structures. One of them is the Spanish Synagogue. Unlike other synagogues, this one has colorful mosaics on its ceiling and walls, thereby making it more unique and attractive even from a distance.

The other structure is The Dancing House. This one earned its nickname from the asymmetrical rooms and twisting walls derived from its deconstructivist architectural style. Before you leave, you can sign your name on the Lennon wall as a way of leaving your mark on this historic city.


It is no secret that the Danube River cruise unveils Europe’s dramatic and rich history. From the lush vineyards of the Wachau valley to the Lennon wall in Prague, be sure that there is plenty to see along the way. Book this cruise today, and you will have spectacular views as you cruise the Danube River. Consequently, you will be able to tour Europe in style and have unlimited fun.

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