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Private & Small Group Morocco Desert Tours from Marrakech

Are you looking for new adventures, some sight-seeing, landscapes to not be forgotten and enriching all your senses? Well, look no further! Whether you have experienced these tours before or have never experienced a tour in Morocco before, whether it’s for private use or a group, our tour company would be perfect for you. Our tour company specializes in amazing desert tours in morocco for the young at heart – for the individuals who are seeking a new adventure and a bit more excitement.

Our tour company offers a variety of tours. We offer day trips from marrakech, also known as Marrakesh (a major city of the Kingdom of Morocco. broken up into two distinct areas. such as the “Old City” and the “Modern City”), and a trip from Marrakech to Zagora (a province in the Moroccan region of Draa-Tafilalet) as well as a tour from Marrakech to Merzouga (a small Moroccan town in the Sahara Desert).

We also have a tour from Marrakech to Fes (North-Eastern Moroccan city) via the Sahara Desert. The tours that are given are led by professional and experienced guides and drivers who reside in these areas and speak a variety of languages, such as English, Spanish. French, Italian and Portuguese. The vehicles that are used for these tours are suitable and certified by the Moroccan tourism transportation and are equipped with air-condition making it easier and more relaxing to travel in the spectacular sun-soaked weather Marrakech has to offer.

The tours we offer are as follow:

  • Day trips throughout Marrakech.
  • From Marrakech to Zagora which takes around two days of traveling.
  • From Marrakech to Merzouga which takes around three to four days of traveling.
  • From Marrakech to Fes via the Sahara Desert takes around nine days of traveling.

These desert trips in marrakech consist of spectacular sight-seeing, landscapes, and fresh air. The sounds, smells and the blistering sun makes these tours worthwhile. During these tours. we offer accommodation, refreshments as well as offer a variety of activities available during these tours for each individual. We also offer a top of the line camel trekking tours to our customers throughout Morocco. Camel trekking is an activity each individual needs to experience, which would not be regretted.

When visiting Marrakech for the tours that you booked by us, please feel free to the visit the top attractions in this city. like Djemaa el-Fana (which is the heart of this city). Souks, Ali Ben Youssef Medersa. Hamman, and Jardin Majorelle. Marrakech also offers spectacular hotels, like Mandarin Oriental and Riad Mena and Beyond, as well as spa treatments for relaxation after these tours. Also keep in mind the variety of restaurants that are available for you before or after these tours, as well as the markets and artwork where you can buy souvenirs to take home for your family and friends or to keep as a reminder for yourself of this beautiful and astonishing city.

When booking for our tours, you can book online for your convenience. Also, feel free to call or e-mail us regarding any of these tours we offer or any related questions you might have. We sure hope you will enjoy these tours and we look forward to meeting you and experiencing these adventures with you.


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