Decoding Goa

Bangalore is a city unlike any other. It carries a beautiful charm in itself. Apart from being an information technology hub, the city is famous for its virtual diversity. It makes you feel at home. Because of the non-stop chaos, you may want an escape from the hustle of the city or perhaps a weekend gateway. And the best place to get that much required inner peace is in the beautiful lands of Goa. Over the years, people from different sectors of the country and abroad have come to settle in the city making its cultural heritage quite diverse. It is a place of blissful beaches to spicy seafood to soothing sunsets. There is nowhere quite like Goa! There is something for everyone in Goa. From gigantic hill stations to romantic candlelight dinner, you are sure to create many moments to cherish. If you want to travel to the exotic city of Goa from your hometown of Bangalore,just have a look at the Bangalore to Goa flights schedule and start packing your bags.

You must have heard a lot about beaches when the word ’Goa’ comes along. Here, you are not gonna hear anything of that sort. So, some of the places that are sure to be in your to-visit list are:

Fort Aguadaand the Lighthouse in the Fort: Fort Aguada seems to be the perfect destination for a crisp evening. The fort was established in the year 1612 to guard against the Dutch and the Marathas. The fort beautifully depicts the styles of the Old Portuguese architects. It stands on the south beach of Candolim at the Shore of Mandovi River. There also stands a four-storey lighthouse in the fort. The view from climbing up the spiral staircase to the top is empathic. It depicts the whole of Panjim city in the best way possible.

Ancestral Goa is one of the finest of its kind. It is an open-air museum cum garland, depicting the rich culture in the city from about some two hundred years ago, in the form of lifelong structures and statues. It shows the small Miniature homes of this modern village in the city of Goa. Also, some sections of the museum clearly depict the art of pottery making even in those times. It is located in the Lautolim area of Goa.

Even more stunning example of art in those times is the Mangueshi Temple which stands tall in the Mardol area of Goa. It was built more than four centuries ago and it hasn’t lost its ground even till day. It’s a remarkable feat in itself. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The most prominent part of this temple is its pillars which are considered as best among the other temples in Goa. There is an elegant structure of Nandi (bull), which is the vahana (vehicle) of Shiva. There is a magnificent seven storeyed lamp house, which stands tall at the gates of the temple complex.

All these and else including the soothing beaches in the city, aren’t you excited. So, it’s just about time to book your Bangalore to Goa flight tickets online.

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