The Most Trusted Dog-Friendly Airports in the U.S.

The spirit of the holiday season can bring about lots of traveling to beautiful destinations with family and friends. If you are planning on a trip but can’t seem to leave your adorable pets in the care of neighbors or boarded back home, you’ll be surprised to know of some dog-friendly airports that can cater to every pet-lover’s needs.

1. Washington Dulles

Washington Dulles has designated areas intended for pet relief and animal care services. There are two outside the main terminal, pre-security, and two inside the concourses, post-security. There are receptacles and waste bags provided as well.

2. New York JFK

This airport is very convenient for your beloved pets, as they have their own pet bathroom, just beside the human restrooms. This area is post-security. Also, the airport has an upcoming treat for your pets. They will be building a terminal exclusively for pets that will include a pet grooming area, veterinary clinic, and pet boarding.

3. Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport has an onsite resort named “Paradise 4 Paws”. This is a doggie heaven that consists of private suites, massage therapy, flat-screen TVs, and obedience training centers. This provides both the owner and the pet with a relaxing time and a home away from home. Aside from that, this airport has pre-security pet relief areas and has private restrooms for pets in each of the concourses.

4. Minneapolis-Saint Paul

If you’re looking for an airport facility that provides 24/7 pet boarding facility, then this airport has it! It provides pet care and relief while the owner is away. Other pampering features include a doggy daycare, pet boarding, spa treatments, and pet training. What a comfortable way to travel!

5. Detroit Metro

This airport understands the immediate needs of pets and pet parents alike. It houses pre-security and post-security areas intended for pet relief at each terminal. No need to worry about your fur baby’s basic needs when at the airport.

6. Atlanta-Hartsfield Jackson

Atlanta-Hartsfield Jackson is very dog-friendly: it has a 1000-square-foot dog park for pet accommodation and service dogs. It has benches and is fully fenced-in, with receptacle bins and waste areas. Aside from that, the airport has several pet areas as well.

7. San Diego

Like all other airports mentioned above, this airport has areas for pet relief, both indoors and outdoors. It also has a special program called “Ready Pet Go” for which they bring in several therapy dogs for comfort and stress relief for nervous or stressed passengers. They also have areas for pet care and relaxation.

These are just some of the U.S.’s pet-friendly airports that are very considerate and sensitive to every pet owner’s needs. They ensure comfort while offering top-rated services. Going out to travel with your pet requires good planning. Of course, a good trip with your pet is the best experience aboard a private jet. Book your exclusive tour with your pet via private jet charter today.


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